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Damp Proofing Services You Can Trust And Afford

Without damp proofing, water and moisture would be able to pass up through the walls of your home and start to penetrate the brickwork and plaster. Xerus Builders are experts in damp proofing, and we can help if you are having an issue with rising damp or any other damp proofing problem.

Damp proofing is an effective means of adding a barrier between your walls and any moisture, and protecting your interior masonry and decor from any damage. We can carry out a full inspection of your damp proof course if you suspect you have a problem and get to work on rectifying any damp proofing or damp problems right away. Problems like these must be caught early to prevent extensive and more expensive damage from occurring. If you suspect any damp issues, we recommend that you call our damp specialists as quickly as possible.

Do You Have A Problem With Rising Damp? How To Tell

Rising damp is unsightly, unhealthy and can cause problems such as timber decay and loss of heat within your property. You may be aware that you have a damp problem, but how do you know that it is rising damp?

Fortunately, the symptoms of rising damp are fairly obvious:

  • Discoloured or curling wallpaper
  • Damp stained walls
  • Rotting or wet timber or skirting boards
  • Discoloured stonework or brickwork
  • Wet brickwork or plasterwork

Most rising damp problems are caused by a problem with the existing damp proof course. The good news is that we can replace and repair your damp proof course effectively and repair the damage internally so that you never have to worry about it again. Our services are carried out to the highest possible standard by damp proofing specialists with years of experience.

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If you suspect you have a problem with damp, get in touch with Xerus Builders today. We offer total peace of mind that your damp problem will be completely eradicated, and our team can arrange a survey today. We attack damp problems at their source, and can repair any damage that has already occurred to the highest standard. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about our damp proofing services for both domestic and commercial customers.

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