Protect And Enhance Your Property With Our Pointing Services


The condition of your pointing is essential to protecting your brickwork from water ingress and prolonging the natural life of your brickwork. We have seen the damage that pointing in disrepair can do, and we always recommend our customers to arrange remedial works to ensure these problems do not take hold. Humidity and weather changes can often be a major factor in damaging the mortar layer in your brickwork, but age and neglect are usually the most common causes. The good news is that we offer a pointing service that will have your pointing looking as good as new and protecting your property from the elements all year round.

We can carry out pointing to any area of your property from the external walls of your home through to walls and garages. Our skilled team will ensure all work is carried out to the very highest standard using the most suitable mortar from leading names in the business. We will always work to match the colour and type of mortar that has been used elsewhere on your property to ensure a uniform finish.

Ignoring Pointing Repairs Could Be Costly

Don’t ignore areas of your pointing that need repair. As mentioned above, this could prove to be a costly mistake. Pointing services from Thistle Roofers are affordable but will never cut corners or carry out work to a poor standard. We believe in giving our customers the perfect combination of quality and value for money in everything we do.

We always use the best possible products for our pointing repairs and we would be delighted to speak to you if you would like to arrange repairs at your convenience or you would like us to carry out a full inspection of your pointing. We can also fix the problems that others have left behind. If you have had a bad experience from another company, we can come to the rescue and restore your pointing back to perfect condition.

Call Today For A Cost Effective Quote

Get in touch with the team here at Thistle Roofers for help with all aspects of pointing to your brickwork. We can also help with the pointing of chimneys and other hard to reach areas, so call our team rather than attempting these repairs yourself. We carry out all repairs safely and to the highest industry standard.