Japanese Restaurant Glasgow

Ichiban Fusion originally established as Ichiban Noodle Cafe in Queen Street in 1998 before expanding to Ichiban West End at Bearsden Glasgow in 2002, this is the second branch opened at Bearsden Glasgow serving since 14 years. We take great pride in our sushi dishes, which always make by the freshest ingredients by highly skilled sushi chefs at Ichiban Fusion, Japanese Restaurant Glasgow. Our hot food is delicious and hearty home style's Japanese cooking with traditional flavors and some diverse options rarely seen on Glasgow’s Oriental Restaurant menus. Combine this dish with our fine range of Japanese drinks and our warm welcoming friendly staff, you can see why Ichiban Fusion is a busy restaurant much loved by our many regular customers in Glasgow at West End.

Ichiban Fusion Oriental Restaurant and Takeaway West End

Our vision was to create a very authentic experience of Japanese culture in Glasgow, as close as possible to walking into a typical little neighborhood restaurant in Japan. Not a unfussy fine dining restaurant with upscale pretensions & prices to match, nor a funky and modern 'fusion' restaurant. It is Just an honest and cozy space for hot food, serving fresh-cooked Japanese food that is kind of Japanese people actually eat on the regular basis in their local izakaya – furthermore some varied and high quality sushi-options that you might not find in any other Japanese Restaurant in Glasgow.

As a long term resident of Bearsden, Glasgow West End , the owner feels he has a good understanding of all kind of Japanese restaurant that local people would enjoy, and spent much time exploring small neighborhoods restaurants in Glasgow getting a feel for the right atmosphere and range of food like in Osaka and Tokyo. Every year, Ichiban Fusion gets closer to the ambience and character that he originally envisaged It's impossible to create a lived-in restaurant, with the feel of a true local favorite, instantaneously. Any attempt to arrange this fine used and much loved atmosphere would look artificial, as can be seen in the current rash of chain restaurants with off-the-peg distressed interiors.

Place for Oriental Quality Food Lover Must Visit Us

At Ichiban Fusion, Oriental Restaurant & Take Away we take pride in the fact that our restaurant is a product of various different people who have passed through and left their mark - regular customers expressing their opinions, their delight and their constructive denigration; staff who perhaps live in the UK for a couple of years and have to return to Japan or another oriental country sometimes, yet leave us with a cherished recipe or a gorgeous piece of artwork. Yet through all the comings and goings of colorful and motivating people, the innovative owners and the long standing leader sushi chef remain the same, ensuring that Ichiban Fusion remains true to its vision and guiding ethics.

Ichiban Fusion may be look small at times, but we have very well inner space and sitting area for our beloved guest. But we believe and always would love to know the experience you will get is closer to the guts of fundamental Japanese food than you are likely to stumble upon anywhere else in our Glasgow area. Please forgive the waitresses for being a blur of motion sometimes as they try to serve lots of people during lunch and dinner during a busy service time – Ichiaban Fusion is a place of activity just like the best local drinking and dining dens in Japan but feel in Glasgow. Behind it all it is our commitment to produce surprisingly delicious food by using expensive and bona fide ingredients even as striving to give our customers great value for money and a very wide range menu.