Service Overview

Decades Of Experience In Underpinning

Here at New Carden Building, we have decades of experience in underpinning, and the close attention, safety procedures and design that goes into this type of project. We understand that if not carried out property, the risks are great, and that damage and collapse of a property are a very real possibility.
There are many reasons for underpinning, but the main reasons include:
* The foundations of the property have moved. This is known as subsidence, and can be caused by a number of factors including changes to soil conditions or poor quality soil.
* Another storey has been added to the building, either below or above ground level, and the foundation depths are not adequate to support the load of the new building.
We take underpinning projects very seriously, working closely with our customers and any external sources such as the local authority to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard.

We Plan Every Underpinning Project To Perfection

All underpinning work requires very careful planning. In many cases, and especially in the case of underpinning of existing foundations, building regulation approval will be required. We can help you with the process and we have a very good relationship with our local authority building regulations teams. Approval will depend greatly on the submission of a structural design. We will handle every aspect of your underpinning project and ensure that you receive that approval as quickly as possible.
Whether you live in a listed building or a more modern property, we can arrange underpinning works to be carried out. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of building work, you can expect the highest standards at all times. We only choose the highest quality materials for each of our projects giving you peace of mind that your structure will remain safe and supported adequately for decades or more.

Call Today For A Free Estimate

If you are considering underpinning, or you would like a surveyor to inspect your property, we can help. We have been providing underpinning services in Fife for years and we have many very satisfied customers. Working closely with you, we will give you total reassurance that your property is safe and free from the risk of damage or collapse as the result of poor foundations. Call our team today to arrange an appointment or a cost effective quote.