Service Overview

Keeping Your Pointing In The Best Possible Condition

Over time, pointing can start to deteriorate as a result of age and weathering. Damage to pointing can weaken structures and cause other problems that could affect the support and appearance of these areas. We specialise in the repointing of many features such as patios, joints on stone and brick walls, and chimneys, to name a few. We work carefully and methodically, choosing the most appropriate materials for the job at hand, and achieving the perfect finish.

One of the most important aspects of pointing is weatherproofing. Damage to pointing can mean that water is able to enter through the damaged areas and into your property. Our pointing services will enhance the appearance of your feature or building, help to dry out dampness and keep your brickwork weatherproof for many years to come.

The Family Run Business With Years Of Experience

Here at New Carden Building, we are proud to offer our customers decades of experience in all aspects of building works. You may not realise that your pointing is damaged until problems start to occur on the inside of your building. We can arrange a full survey of your property if you are unsure and price up your job for you.

As a family run business, we care about teamwork and communication, and these are just some of the reasons our customers use our services time and time again and recommend us to others. We offer our pointing services across Fife and the surrounding areas and we would be delighted to speak to you today if you are looking for pointing repairs of the highest possible standard.

We Only Choose The Best Materials For Our Pointing Services

We take great care in matching your existing mortar with any new applications. Our mortars range from cement and modern sand to heritage lime putties and mortars. We offer a wide range of colour matches and blends that will ensure your repairs are seamless and attractive.
Our services include:
* brick and stone house repointing
* restorations
* patios
* listed buildings
* brick walls
* chimney repointing
* and much more…

Considering Pointing For Your Property? Call Our Team Today

When you are looking for the highest standard in pointing for your property, get in touch with the experts here at New Carden Roofing. We have years of experience and will ensure the perfect finish every time.