Service Overview

Expert Chimney Repairs And Construction

Chimneys are often one of the most exposed and vulnerable parts of a property. At the mercy of the elements throughout the year, your chimney can take some battering. At New Carden Building, we specialize in chimney repairs and construction, and will ensure that your chimney looks and performs at its best.

Over time, the pointing to your chimney can start to deteriorate and rainwater can penetrate the stack causing further damage. During the winter months, frost can also accelerate this damage. If repairs are not carried out, your chimney could degenerate to the point where it is dangerous and unsafe. One call to our team will have your chimney repairs arranged and carried out to the highest possible standard.

Chimney Repairs And Restoration To The Highest Possible Standard

If spotted in time, pointing and other repairs can help to extend the life of your chimney stack. However, there may be times when your chimney requires a little more work. We can rebuild your chimney stack and ensure it gives you many more years of reliable use. We can also assist in the case of chimney fires and other issues that could affect the structure and appearance of your stack. We provide a complete chimney repair and restoration service that is second to none.

One of the most important aspects of chimney repair is weatherproofing. We are experts in repointing and roofing works and will ensure your chimney and any flashing is restored to perfect condition. In doing so, your chimney will be able to withstand everything the elements throw at it, and give you total peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

Call Today To Arrange Your Chimney Repairs With The Best In The Business

We take great care in matching your existing mortar with any new applications. Our mortars range from cement and modern sand to heritage lime putties and mortars. We offer a wide range of color matches and blends that will ensure your repairs are seamless and attractive.


With over 30 years of experience with chimney repairs and restoration in Fife, you can trust us to carry out all works to the very highest standard. One call to our team is all it takes to start the process, and we would be delighted to speak to you today. Our engineers will assess how much damage has occurred before providing you with a cost effective quote and explaining the repairs or restoration process to you. From period to modern properties, we have worked on them all and will ensure the highest standard of workmanship at all times.