Service Overview

Chimney Cleaning And Sweep Services You Can Trust

If you have searched for chimney sweep services in Fife and the surrounding regions, you may find there is a shortage of companies offering professional services. However, this service is still very much a requirement, and in fact, more and more homes are starting to make use of natural fuels and open fires. Whether you use your chimney for what it was intended for, or it is simply a decorative feature, we provide expert chimney sweep services that will keep your chimney in perfect working order, and looking its best.

We recommend that you have your chimney swept at least once a year. This is more than simply a matter of hygiene. A blocked or dirty chimney could be a health hazard allowing smoke to return into the room you are sitting in, or even worse, causing a chimney fire. Our chimney sweep services will ensure your chimney is free from debris such as rubble, birds’ nests and leave it clear and operating beautifully. A clean chimney could also save you money, as it helps your natural fuel or gas fire to burn more efficiently.

New Fire? Arrange A Sweep And Smoke Test

If you are thinking about fitting a new fire or using an existing fire for the first time, we recommend you arrange a sweep and smoke test first. This will ensure your chimney is ready for use and operating safely. We arrange our sweep and smoke tests for domestic and commercial customers across the region, and would be delighted to arrange an appointment for you today.

We cover properties across the Fife region and beyond and have cleaned countless chimneys over the years. We can also assist with chimney repairs and the installation of new chimney stacks. All work will be carried out safely and we will ensure your home is protected throughout the cleaning process.

Call Today For A Free Estimate For Chimney Cleaning

Here at New Carden Building, we offer professional chimney sweeping of the very highest standard. We would be delighted to provide you with a cost effective quote to consider in your own time. Nobody else has the years of experience or the expertise that our chimney sweeps have and we are standing by to assist with your chimney cleaning right now. Give us a call today to arrange an estimate or a convenient appointment.