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Septic Tank EmptyingWhether you are a business or private customer, James Drain Solutions offers an excellent and convenient septic tank emptying service.

 How important is septic tank emptying?

Similar to drains and sewers, septic tanks require a regular level of emptying and cleaning to remain healthy. By doing so, you guard against any sudden emergencies that are a lot more expensive to treat. By contacting James Drain Solutions, we have the flexibility to handle both regular and emergency septic tank maintenance requests.

Our advice is to ensure that your septic tank is emptied annually – at the very least.

Like the other work that we conduct at James Drains Solutions, septic tank emptying requires specific training and certification to be carried out successfully and properly. As we’re tremendously experienced waste handlers, you can expect us to dispose of the septic tank contents in accordance with registered waste handler directives.

How to prepare for septic tank emptying

To ensure the best possible service from our septic tank technicians, there are a few steps to take in preparation;

  • Provide easy access to your septic tank – especially the lid.
  • Ensure that the tank lid is safe to lift.
  • Consider the amount of people required to lift the septic tank lid.

Common septic tank problems

Septic tanks were designed to act as a self-contained waste infrastructure, offering a convenient solution to businesses and individuals in hard to reach areas. It should come as no surprise that the most common issues stem from a lack of ongoing maintenance in addition to inadequate installation.

Each tank is installed with a soakaway, with the two performing specific tasks in conjunction with each other. Bad smells can be a tell-tale sign of problems with the soakaway, and should always result in a call to a septic tank specialist. Issues could involve clogging or blocking in the soakaway itself, or the ground conditions may not be conducive to efficient soakaway performance.

No matter which problem you encounter, there are legal penalties for individuals who discharge their septic tank in a manner deemed inappropriate. The fines can run into thousands of pounds, so if you need advice on any aspect of septic tank maintenance, contact our specialists and discuss your requirements.