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Septic Tank CleaningIt’s not just the emptying of your septic tank that’s required on a regular basis. Septic tank cleaning is a crucial ingredient to maintaining an efficient functioning level for your system.

How often should I clean my septic tank?

The recommended cleaning schedule for your septic tank will depend on the type of waste it contains. It’s common for your septic tank to build-up a top layer of fats, oils and greases which crusts and can block or clog your soakaway.

Septic tank best practice

Septic tank cleaning at James Drain Solutions is the ideal way to keep your system running efficiently. Our professionals can advise you on the best practices for maintaining your septic tank, including;

  • Only consider using extra waste management facilities if your septic tank is large enough.
  • The more you ask your septic tank to handle, the emptying and cleaning schedule will become more frequent.
  • If you increase the level of solids in your waste, you’ll need to empty and clean your septic tank more often.
  • Always purchase your septic tank from a reputable company in the Warrington – Cheshire area, with a warranty that you’re comfortable with.
  • Arrange to have your septic tank inspected annually for structural issues, preventing accidents if the lid were to collapse.
  • Don’t connect any gutters to your system and prevent rainwater from accessing the septic tank.

What’s involved in septic tank cleaning?

In addition to septic tank emptying, James Drains Solutions offers a comprehensive cleaning service which will have your tank running at its most efficient level.

First of all we’ll monitor your soakaway, ensuring that no clogs or blockages have formed, then cleaning it out. Then we’ll use our water jet equipment to blast any blockages from the lines into the septic tank. We’ll also perform any ad-hoc requirements such as clearing debris.

If the job has any complex requirements then we’ll discuss them with you during our initial consultation. We’ll make sure that when you come off the call with our specialists, you’ll know exactly when we’re coming and what we can do.