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Drain RepairsThe professionals at James Drain Solutions can make your drainage system as good as new with our drain relining and sewer desilting services.

What causes damage to drains?

Not every drain requires the same level of repair. The extent of the treatment will depend on the cause of the build-up – and how long it’s been left unchecked. Blockages can be caused by all manner of issues, including;

  • Debris build-up.
  • Root growth.
  • Fats, grease and oils.

How complex is a drain repair? 

The ideal scenario is to identify a problem before it gets out of control. Plenty of businesses and households discover the problem too late to have a practical repair conducted.

Our advice is to avoid a situation where extensive excavation is required as this can have a chaotic effect on your home or workplace. With so many tools available to deal with different types of blocked drains – save yourself the hassle and cost of having large-scale repair work done.

Drain relining

Protecting yourself against expensive and complex drain repairs has never been easier than through drain relining. By doing so we eliminate the need for excavation, ensuring you receive the most minor disruption possible.

The process involves us fitting a lining to the inside of your pipework which then expands, giving you a leak-proof seal that’s as good as new. This also affords us the opportunity to remove any persistent problems such as roots.

For the eco-conscious amongst us, drain relining is also better for the environment. By eliminating the need for extensive excavation work, we keep the repairs as controlled as possible. Environmental and aesthetic damage to your property or household becomes another issue that we’ve protected you against.

Sewer desilting

The base of your pipework is vulnerable to the persistent build-up of hard substances that can compromise your home’s flow capacity. To dislodge this build-up we employ sophisticated technology, allowing the waste material to break free and flow to the next manhole.

Depending on where you’re based, silt build-up can leave you exposed to the risk of flooding during periods of bad weather. It’s also important to note that like any other solidified build-up, the longer the build-up goes unchecked, the harder it becomes to clear. With potentially dire consequences, good practice is to make sure that your sewer system is well looked after.

What exactly is silt?

As you’d expect, when water or liquid flows through the sewer system, heavier material will slowly cascade to the bottom of the pipes where it settles and builds over time. When you consider that silt can also build-up in your drains and other assorted pipework, it has the potential to become a serious problem.

If you have any questions about what’s involved, contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.