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When you are looking for reliable and affordable chimney repairs, get in touch with the team here at J & A Anderson Roofing Ltd. We have been assisting customers across the region with their chimney repairs for years, and we offer assistance for all types of chimney whether operational or decorative. When a chimney becomes damaged, it can become a safety risk both outside of the home and inside. Our repairs will ensure your chimney remains structurally sound, and that it performs at its best if used to carry smoke and fumes from your property.

In addition to rebuilding your chimney or carrying out repairs, we can also repair lead flashing around your chimney. Damage here can often result in a leak, but our chimney repair experts will ensure all lead is repaired or replaced as necessary creating a seamless and watertight bond. Whether your chimney has been damaged in stormy weather or you have noticed that smoke is not escaping as efficiently as it once did, our team is on hand to help.


Keep Chimneys Safe And Operating Perfectly Across The Region

Over the years, we have repaired countless chimneys across the region and our customers have been delighted with the results. We can restore, rebuild and also take down chimneys. If you no longer use your chimney or you don’t want it on your roof any longer, we can remove it and replace your roof for you. There will be no sign of a chimney ever being there.

A faulty or unsafe chimney could prove to be a risk to those walking around your property or even those inside. Chimneys can collapse if structurally unsound and the results can be devastating for properties and any unfortunate people below. Speak to our team of experts today to find out more about our chimney repairs and ensure your chimney is as safe as it can possibly be.


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When you are looking for chimney repairs that you can trust, come to the team here at J & A Anderson Roofing Ltd. We take great pride in our expert service and the reputation we have built over the years for great quality and value for money. Speak to our team now to arrange a convenient appointment and to find out more about our services.