Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening


Cowgate Dental Surgery is committed to making sure you have the best smile you can. We offer arange of teeth whitening treatments so you can choose the one that works best for you. We’ll work with you to achieve the perfect smile.We understand that it can be hard to maintain your pearly smile with so many demands on yourtime and so we offer treatments that can help brighten teeth that have been stained by sugary drinks, wine or simply time.

If you’d like to restore your shiny white smile then contact us at Cowgate Dental Surgery today.We offer excellent products and you’ll have the chance to pick an option that works for your needs without needing to compromise on quality. The following treatments are available at our surgery:

White Dental Beautyteeth-whitening-bournemouth-dorset2

We’ll make a custom bleaching tray from your teeth so you can be sure of the perfect fit, ensuring the treatment will work at its best.You’ll get a White Dental Beauty kit to take with you, allowing you to complete the treatment in the comfort of your own home. The kit includes syringes with bleaching gel, which you simply inject into the trays and wear for 45 mins-1 hour, allowing you to take care of your teeth while you catch up on your TV.

This treatment is available for £220. Come in to the surgery and ask us about it today.

Opalescence Go

You don’t need an appointment to get white teeth- you can get Opalescence Go at the surgery without needing to see the dentist or have any impressions taken.Opalescence Go is only £120. You’ll be able to pick it up from the surgery and use it straight out of the box. It’s fast-working and simple to use: a white smile without fuss.