Flexible Dentures

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Flexible Dentures


We’re pleased to offer Valplast Flexible Partials. Replacing missing teeth is a big decision, and Cowgate Dentistry has the latest treatments available when you’re ready to take that step.

Instead of the bulky and unsightly materials traditionally used, Valplast are made from a flexible plastic – there’s no metal frame so we can fit it around your existing teeth. The benefit to Valplast Flexible dentures is the plate, which is made from flexible plastic allowing it to fit more tightly to your gums.This means a better fit in your mouth – allowing you to use the dentures more comfortably, and allowing you to eat easily and lessen the anxiety of the dentures coming out.


It’ll be nearly invisible and more comfortable to alternatives available on the NHS. In contrast to NHS standard partials, the palate isn’t covered by plastic or metal. The material will blend with your gum covering so you can feel assured that your dentures will look more natural in your mouth – you can smile and talk with confidence.

When it comes to caring for your flexible dentures, they’re cleaned in much the same way as traditional acrylic dentures. Talk to us in surgery about options to help you keep your dentures in a good condition.